Welcome to Pokemon: Bond of Hearts

A certain trainer and her pokemon team go through an interesting transformation.
Having been stripped of their usual power, how will they deal with the problems within and without?
With a spoonful of humour, of course!

This is a spin-off of "For The Wild".

Updates randomly (aiming for once a weekend).
Quality increases unintentionally.

For the Wild chapter 1

I've finally completed the first chapter of the main story! I'm rather happy with it... I hope it's not too confusing. Anonymous reviews are enabled, so feel free to leave your opinions there!

Chapter Title: Petalburg Woods
Word count: 5,912
Summary: The story begins with the struggles of getting along with wild pokémon as Niké tries to reach a mutual understanding with her newly caught zigzagoon. A little insight into the universe and what goes through the minds of Niké and Ziggy.

Main Story

I know people probably don't keep track of the news, but I'm hoping that my readers will learn to do that.


Well, I'm now remaking the main story this comic is spun off from and am planning to let everyone know of new chapters through here, with perhaps a brief summary of the chapter.

I'll be uploading the chapters themselves on my AO3 account. I am not much of a writer as a warning though. I work best with expressing myself visually so writing just makes me want to draw everything out. However, I don't want to spend time drawing it because I have other big comic projects to work on. OH WELL.

I hope you will still like it.
I'll hopefully get to it soon.


Just a lil comic to do during boredom... and to calm my urges to draw pokemon xD

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