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Species: torchic (was human)
Nature: idiot trainer
Nike's spontaneous and free-spirited. She loves seeing new places and pokemon. If not for her upbringing, she wouldn't be polite at all and instead be completely uncivilized, forgetting to consider consequences. Though forgetful and spoiled, she will do her best when presented with a good reason.

Species: torchic (was blaziken)
Nature: gentle
Tohr has been with Nike since they both were little. He's gentle and protective of his allies and is observant of any changes in their behavior. He has a calm and bright head on his shoulders that he uses to stay ahead of his opponents in battle or in casual conversation.

Species: zigzagoon (was linoone)
Nature: sassy
Ziggy's all about strength and winning, making him a sore loser. He's brash and rude, rarely minding those around him and has trouble getting along with others. However, in the end it's all for protecting others, and himself too.

Species: wurmple (was beautifly)
Nature: quiet
Petty is timid and jumpy because of her past experiences. She checks things twice before taking action and takes a while to trust others. She's shy and quiet and will stay out of your way most of the time.

Species: marill (was azumarill)
Nature: lonely
Mary is very loving and trusting towards others to the point of being gullible. She accepts everyone and is very easy to impress. She just can't deal with being alone! Part of her motherly nature is scolding people for talking with their mouths full, leaving a mess behind, etc.

Species: pikachu (was raichu)
Nature: hasty
Chan is adventurous to a fault, hating the mundane and peaceful. It's easy to bore her but it's hard to stop her from running off somewhere. She's likely to drag anyone close by along on her crazy antics.

Species: swablu (was altaria)
Nature: bold
Swabby is valiant and self-sacrificial. She prefers peace and quiet and so will avoid a fuss by just following along. However, she is not afraid to get her feathers ruffled and will step in to criticize or correct a situation should the need arise.


Species: wartortle
First mention/appearance: Page 8
Nature: brave
A brave lady-lover... He's your knight in shining armour! He will overcome anything to show his good-side to gain favour. Rumour has it that the reason he started a rescue team was to impress his childhood friend.

Species: quagsire
First mention/appearance: Page 8
Nature: lax
He won't do anything unnecessary and mostly lets things take their course. Very open-minded and accepting of change. Not very attentive to detail. No one's sure why he partnered up with Rain.

Species: poliwhirl
First mention/appearance: Page 8
Nature: serious
An example of an up-tight person. Quite narrow-minded and grumpy he may be, however, he is also very dutiful and dependable.

Species: pelipper
First mention/appearance: Page 8
Nature: jolly
He's very friendly and outgoing but not very good at reading the atmosphere or the mood of others. Though he means well, he tends to go on tangents about this or that.


Species: alakazam
First mention/appearance: Page 40/Page 57
Nature: calm
A highly respected member of this guild thing and very loved by pretty much everyone. He is one to be very objective and fair to all as well as willing to believe in the good in others..

???, ???, ??? (..) ???


Species: growlithe
First mention/appearance: Page 23
Nature: hasty
A bit of a short-fused guard of peace and order, he's very passionate about what he does and loves his home dearly. He's gotten in trouble himself though when he carelessly sets some huts on fire.

Species: rattata
First mention/appearance: Page 23
Nature: adamant
She's mostly seen near Officer, making sure he doesn't turn anything to ashes. Maybe she'll be able to shape him into a proper protector of peace.

Species: persian
First mention/appearance: Page 24
Nature: bashful
He's very jealous of everyone but also very embarrassed of being so. Sometimes, he confuses people like that.

Species: caterpie
First mention/appearance: Page 24
Nature: naughty
A little schemer who values material benefits and comfort. Prone to looking down on others.

Species: whiscash
First mention/appearance: Page 25
Nature: quirky
Really, no one can figure him out. Is he joking or not?

Species: taillow
First mention/appearance: Page 26
Nature: modest
Model citizen. Brave. Respectful. Patient. But he just don't do none of that emotion crap!

Species: ??? the sun's in the way
First mention/appearance: Page 26
Nature: ???
Nothing is known the moment.

Instructor Bunn
Species: makuhita
First mention/appearance: Page 27
Nature: mild
He is mature and gentle, and truly has the feel of a dumpling, softly rolling around. He also prefers to do said rolling around undisturbed. Uninvited guests may receive a cold welcome.

Species: slowbro
First mention/appearance: Page 36
Nature: docile
Truly a harmless kind of guy that everyone can walk over like nobody's business. Always unsure of what action to take but, unbeknownst to him, more often than not has the right things in mind.

Species: charizard
First mention/appearance: Page 6
Nature: naive
The sweetest charizard ever. Somehow he has lived with an untainted world-view but perhaps now his mind will be put to the test...

Species: primeape
First mention/appearance: Page 32
Nature: impish
Quite immature and aggressive... But for all sorts of reasons. He has a more serious side to him too.

TEAM ???

???, a Gengar, ???

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